General information

The bot contains three items:

  1. Chrome Extesnion in a self-hosted mode. This is optional. You need to use it only to get notifications from TradingView.

  2. Register your bots. Use this manual for Telegram.

For the Discord bot, you need to create an app here.

You can you both or only one of the bots.

As a result in both cases, you should get a bot token. You will need to put these tokens into Notification Bot.

  1. Notification Bot. There are two versions of the bot: A Windows app and Docker package.

Windows app

Download this archive, unpack it and run ProfitRobots.NotificationBot.exe This app has a web interface available at http://localhost:5000.

NOTE: It will not start automatically at the start of your PC!

Docker package

This option requires the Docker to be installed. The Docker package creates a docker container which you can run in Docker on Windows, Linux (including virtual machines in the cloud), or MacOS. Download this archive, unpack it and run run_in_docker.bat (for Windows) or (for other OS). The bot server will start and will be available at your IP address and 8080 port. You can open this port on your router (each router has a different way to do that) and use webhooks this way. The interface is the same as for the Windows app mentioned above.

  1. Buy a license

You can purchase a lifetime license at Applied Machine Learning Systems Shop. The Demo mode will work only 1 hour after start of the server.