Telegram notifications and other changes in january 15, 2018 update

Monday, January 15, 2018

Telegram messenger has become quite popular recently. And we created a new service - a Telegram bot for notifications via Telegram messenger.

To use it you need:

  • to be registered on this web-site (
  • start a conversation with our Telegram bot
  • follow the bot instruction to link Telegram account
  • modify your strategy to send notifications

To modify your strategy you need:

  • copy-paste the signaler module which you can download here.

  • add the next code into the Init function:

  • into the Prepare function:

    signaler.StrategyName = "your strategy name here";
  • into the ExtAsyncOperationFinished function:

    signaler:AsyncOperationFinished(id, success, message, message1, message2);
  • and when you want to send an alert just call

    signaler:Signal("Alert message", source);

And we added some other changes along the way:

  • Beta 2018 yearly plan. Valid for a year after purchase
  • Compact sources layout in strategy builder
  • Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum payments