We will analyze your EA/Strategy performance and try to find additional filters to get rid of bad trades while keeping the good ones.

All you need is to send up a backtesting log. No code needed. We will build indicators usually used as filters for trades and will find the best fit for your EA/strategy. The bigger the log the more accurate filter we can find. Our target is to increase overall profit during the period provided in the backtesting log. No payment needed if will fail to find a way to increase gain/reduce the loss of the final balance to at least 5%. If we will find some good filter you will get a recommendation such as "open long only when such and such indicator has such and such values".

It takes about 1 week to analyze one EA. It'll cost you 200 USD in case of success and it'll be free if we will fail to find any way to improve a final balance.

The log should be at least 1 year long. We do support the FXTS2 Backtester log only.

Send us an email to info@profitrobots.com for more information.